Objects & Fields


The Fireberry CRM system is built from objects, where each object has its own fields. For example, in the "Accounts" object, the fields include: Account Name, Status, Account Owner, and many more.

Each object in the system represents a data repository on a specific subject. For example, the Projects object contains a data repository of all the projects in the system with all the relevant details about each project.

Creating objects and fields

There are objects that come with the system such as: Customers, Accounts, Projects, Tasks, etc. In addition, you can create new custom objects to allow for additional functionality.
For more information on objects in the system, go to the objects guide.

Just as you can add custom objects, you can also add new custom fields to the system to meet your needs. The system offers a variety of field types that can be created.
To learn more about the types of fields that can be created in the system, go to the fields guide.