An overview of the Fireberry API

The Fireberry API is an efficient and easy-to-use interface that grants you access to a wealth of data within the system. It utilizes predictable URLs for resource retrieval and built-in HTTP features to send commands and receive responses. This allows for simple communication with the API from a variety of environments, including command-line utilities, gadgets, and even your browser's URL bar.

Requests made to the API can be in JSON or form-encoded format, and all responses, including errors, will be in JSON. Only UTF-8 character encoding is supported for both requests and responses.

Documentation structure

The documentation for the Fireberry API is divided into two main sections:

  • Guides: This section includes contextual information and guides on how to use the API.
  • API reference: This section is a comprehensive reference for objects, schemas, and endpoints available in the API.

Navigating between these sections is easy, thanks to the navigation bar at the top of the page.